There are few questions to consider before choosing the right treatment.

I look tired under the eye because I notice mostly one or more than one of the following:


Examples: Cause:
1.Dark Circle? 1.Dark Circle can be due to shadowing ( caused by hollowness from loss of fat, skin), or a combination of pigmentation/ dilated vein/aging. (Consider Fillers and PRP )
2.Wrinkles/Loose Skin? 2.Wrinkles/loose skin? Due to loose skin and hyper contraction of muscles ( Consider Botox under eye if past the snap test, PRP, Ultherapy, Thermage)
3.Hollow? Hollow eye sockets can be due to loss of skin, collagen, fat pad ( under eye fat pad), and a bit of bony recession. (Belotero or Restylane would be best, with PRP to enhance the result.)
4.Eye bags? 4.Eye Bags or fat herniation. The fat pad in combination with loose skin sags downwards from years of gravity’s downward pulling effect. ( consider a combo of filler and PRP afterwards). Pure eye bags only ( consider surgery).



This patient's wedding photographer asked her to get help for her eye wrinkles. We used Belotero to soften her wrinkles and diminish her dark circles. She sent us the after picture and said "I can see big changes especially on my left eye!".