Our loyal clients love showing their appreciation for the services that they receive here at the Skin Perfect Brothers. Here is what they have to say about what we do here:

Acne Scars Before and After
"I've had really bad acne problems for a long time... I've seen a remarkable big difference in the improvement and I'm so happy and proud to have done it."
Melasma Before and After Jose
"We did Spectra for my Melasma, it worked wonderful. I only had 4 treatments and I loved the Results!" "Skin Perfect Brothers, they've been treating so very good with Botox, with Fraxel, with a very kind attitude... I like to recommend it very highly!"
Vi Alma
"I am Happy and I Receive a lot of Compliments from my friends!" "I Love the Treatments Here!"
Monica Ema
"I've been coming here to Skin Perfect for about 2 years now... I love it! They're Keeping Me Young and I Get Lots of Compliments!"  "I came here for Anti aging and also for Melasma and I could not be Happier with the Facility, the Prices are Fantastic, and I'm just going to Keep Coming Back!"
Lauren Lupe
"I've been coming to Skin Perfect Brothers for 10 years now. They've been doing my Botox purely as a preventative type of medicine and it's been doing wonders! I'm now 31 and I'm very happy with their work and with them!" "I initially came for the Silk Peel and as you can tell I have Great Skin and then I looked into the Botox.. It's Great It's Safe and Both The brothers know what they're doing!"
Hilda Hye 
"A week ago I got my First Fraxel, the laser on my face for my hyper-pigmentation my forehead, my cheeks, and my freckles. The result are AMAZING! I'm So Happy!"
Yvonne  Rebeca
"About a Year ago I came in...Fei bi came up to me and offered a Treatment that would Remove all of my Surface Sun Damaged Brown Spots... After a Treatment, a Year ago, They All Disappeared! " "I'm here for an IPL treatment. I've had it done years ago.. I LOVED it! I had tons of Spots on my face from Sun Damage and Age Spots.. and it Cleared up my Face."
Happy Family Gloria
"This is our Way of Bonding with Eachother... Skin Perfect Brothers, we've been going to them for Years... Our guy is Joseph and he always does a Great Job..  Skin Perfect has always been nice, everyone friendly, and they Really Take Care of Us" "I am 51 years old, and I've had many compliments, I'm very fortunate... I do have good skin, but it's all been because of the treatment that I've received.. I've done my Botox, my Laser Genesis, and I make sure that I always wear Sunblock and I buy it hear... The experience was wonderful!"
Tanya Krystal
 "I've been coming here for approximately 4 years. I continuously come for touch-ups and I'm Happy. People Notice The Difference." "I've Had 6 Zerona Treatments and Lost 3 Inches! I'm Very Happy with Fei Bi and Joseph and All The Staff Here." 
Elsy  Cecilia
 "I Love this place because it's Clean, Professional, and they care about their Patients and I Love it."  "I've been coming here for many years now. They're like Family. I've done a lot of Great Treatments... The Prices are Amazing. I have referred this to my Friends and Family." 





"Words to describe Skin Perfect Brothers: professionalism, clean, upscale, prompt service, and care. These folks are top professionals who care about their jobs and go out of their way to make scheduling and follow-up simple and efficient. I have been coming here for three years now to treat my rosacea and I have not had a bad experience. Appointments are honored in timely manner and when their schedule is a bit out of whack, they acknowledge it and apologize.
They have taken precautions during this pandemic by checking temperatures at the front door and have put up partitions. Waiting room is bright, spacious, and clean.
Don't hesitate to come here for your skincare needs."

Twee D. from Montebello, CA




"Skin perfect brothers are very professional and have a very kind staff. They made me feel comfortable and I was very happy with my results. I was a bit nervous for my appointment but they made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. I got a single syringe along with a lip flip and the results were very natural. I love them and will be back!"

Britney M. from Anaheim




"I'm soooo glad I found Skin Perfect Brothers on yelp! David is my RN and his work is absolute perfection! I got Xeomin here for the first time, since I'm getting older and I wanted to prevent my wrinkles from getting worse. I was so nervous (I have very low pain tolerance), but David's constant reassurance made the whole procedure so comfortable. He also followed up with me a few times to make sure I was seeing the results I wanted. Seriously, I felt like I was getting high quality, premium treatment!
This is actually my third time coming here and I requested for xeomin for my forehead wrinkles and my masseter muscles on both jaws. I loved the results the first time, so I had to get it again! I also got their Valentines special on the V-Line Powerlift Bronze Package, since David recommended it. He knew I would love it and hoooooly WOW, he's right! The results are instant and every dollar I spent on it is so worth it. I have a few weddings and events to go to in the next couple of months, so I'm incredibly happy with the results!
Also, he knew I had low pain tolerance from the very beginning, so he made me laugh a lot and even played my favorite songs from Seven Lions & Slander! It helped calmed my nerves, while he was injecting. I thought that was soooo awesome and thoughtful of him! Seriously, I would drive an hour away to get treatments from him. He's so precise in every procedure that he does and I am soooo grateful for his awesome work!

Hands down he's the best nurse and I absolutely recommend him and Skin Perfect Brothers! If I could give 10 stars, I would! :)"

Joana V. from Buena Park




"I've been through a lot of Medispa but honestly this place is my favorite.
If you're looking for results but not too dramatic, this place is for you. They specialize in using conservative techniques to enhance your features.

They take COVID very seriously. Masks are required. Upon entering, you will be given a temperature check and a COVID19 questionnaire to ensure you are not sick prior to your appointment.

Rosa has been my aesthetic consultant and everything she has suggested has been in line with my concerns. She explains the process very thoroughly and at a medical language I can fully understand.
Irene, who manages the front desk, is very helpful when it comes to scheduling appointments and addressing any concerns. I appreciate the fact that the office reaches out to you after your procedures to ensure you are not having adverse reactions. Pricing is decent for the work that you receive.
Now, Joseph ... Joseph is the man! Not only is he a medical professional, he is an artistic human being and always does procedures with the utmost precision and care. He's fast and everything is painless which still boggles my mind.
I admire his passion for the work he does.

I always go into clinics feeling intimidated and ready for the facility to point out my flaws but honestly they never make me feel like that.
If you're looking to enhance your features rather than drastically augment, this place is for you!"

Leslie N. from Garden Grove




"About two weeks ago I had a PDO thread treatment done on my neck. I was starting to look like a turkey under there.  In the job market of today, I believe that knocking a few years off my appearance is a wise investment.

It was quite the procedure, but I'm hopeful. I could actually see a little difference right after the treatment. The threads will stimulate my body to throw some collagen in the area.  Hooray for collagen!

So, now I'm back, two weeks later. I felt some movement in my neck, which sort of caught me off guard. It was so easy to get a follow up appointment.  Joseph poked and prodded a bit and said it's all looking good. I absolutely believe him.

I began coming here many years ago and, as I'm told, my face looks better. Anymore, I just ask them for what they recommend. Rosa is fantastic, Joseph an enthusiastic artist, and Irene is nothing short of the most friendly and kind welcome you'd ever want to greet you.

They keep their staff, which speaks volumes."


Tim H. from Los Angeles




"I came here a week ago and have the consultation and treatment done by Vicky and I am constantly working under the sun and stressed from work make me aged so much this past few years and I was truly amaze by the result after just one treatment!! This is my first time doing any Aesthetic work for myself and Sarah is a friendly staff and she took the time to ease my nervousness and Vicky as she administered she explained throughout the process and procedure which made me comfortable. I am truly amaze by the results and services! Thank you all for making me look amazing!!"


Suljo A. from Walnut





"I've been coming here for a few years now. All I can say is I keep coming back because Joseph and his entire staff are amazing. The staff is friendly and caring but this isn't just like every other Med Spa. Yes, the awesome deals keep you coming back but the expertise of Joseph and his extensive knowledge of the facial anatomy is unbelievable. With minimal pain, virtually no downtime and his artful knowledge in the use of injectables are unlike any other like I've experienced. And trust me, at 62, I've been around to a few Med Spa's in my day and I'm so happy I found Skin Perfect Brothers. I must admit I am somewhat of a skin freak and I get many compliments on my skin and I owe a lot of those compliments to Joseph. I trust him and his staff to take good care of me and will always go back to Skin Perfect Brothers for some of the best treatments and knowledge of injectables around. Thank you!"


Tammy F. from Ontario


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